Enterprise Risk Assessment

Understand and focus on your key risk areas.

An enterprise risk assessment gives your organization insight into risks in strategic, financial, and operational areas.

What’s on your mind?

  • Understanding financial and non-financial risks
  • Developing a sustainable risk assessment process
  • Utilizing risk rating criteria for multiple risk types
  • Generating a prioritized risk register
  • Developing risk mitigation strategies
  • Implementing recommended practices
  • Managing risk effectively and efficiently
  • Developing data for risk reporting

Experience our client-focused approach

Your organization can benefit from understanding its key risks, and then focusing on the most critical areas. As you deal with stakeholder pressure to improve risk management, focusing on the right risk factors brings the most immediate results and is the most effective use of resources.

CliftonLarsonAllen’s enterprise risk assessment (ERA) process uses leading industry practices to assist you in the identification, evaluation, and prioritization of enterprise-wide risks. Our professionals have helped clients in virtually every industry. Whether the assessment is a step in developing a more formal enterprise risk management process, or a stand-alone process that gives you a snapshot of current risk, the ERA is a valuable component of your risk management approach.

Enterprise risk assessment services

We support organizations in their ERA process by:

  • Assisting in the development of an overall risk register
  • Generating risk rating criteria for assessments
  • Providing data analytics and insights
  • Developing a risk prioritization process
  • Building a tailored process for use in future ERAs
  • Advising on roles and responsibilities
  • Designing reporting and monitoring processes
  • Providing recommended practices and experienced advice for your risk assessment

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