Wireless Expense Management

With extensive experience and real-world knowledge of the inner workings of the cellular industry, CLA can help you reduce and manage corporate and institutional wireless costs, without changing carriers or affecting current contracts. On average, we generate 27% savings for our clients.

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Our advantage

  • 70% of savings are typically derived from unpublished rates. We leverage unique rate structures and utlize promotional discounts that the carriers do not openly share in the marketplace; all aspects of the methodology are not embedded into Telecom Expense Management software.
  • Once savings opportunities are presented, you have the ability to approve or reject any recommendation for any reason, and do not have to share a reason; estimated savings figures are based ONLY on approved recommendations for implementation.
  • Most of the unpublished rates, rate structures, or promotional discounts do not require ANY contract negotiations; these are benchmarked and awareness-driven, based on what exists in the marketplace.
  • Typically, within 3-4 weeks from the start of an engagement, cost savings measures are implemented with the vendor and savings on the bill copies appear within 1-2 bill cycles of the project kick-off.

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