SOC for Cybersecurity

Protect and defend your organization’s technology infrastructure with a sustainable, enterprise-wide cybersecurity risk program.

A system and organization control (SOC) cybersecurity report helps to provide assurance that your cybersecurity program is adequately designed and operating effectively based on AICPA guidance.

What’s on your mind?

  • Preventing disruption of your IT systems, reputational risk, and lost business due to data breaches and other cybercrimes
  • Developing adequate controls over confidential client and employee data
  • Establishing and meeting stakeholder expectations
  • Complying with Securities and Exchange Commission cybersecurity disclosure requirements
  • Identifying and responding to potential or actual security incidents

A unique approach

If your organization is worried about the escalating threat of cybercrime, an SOC for cybersecurity report can help provide assurance that your program and controls are adequate, effective, and sustainable. The voluntary assessment can also strengthen your cybersecurity position and satisfy the demands of management, customers, shareholders, and other constituents.

From initial readiness to final control testing and reporting, CLA will listen to your needs and collaborate with your personnel to determine if internal security measures meet the AICPA framework.

We have significant experience evaluating cybersecurity programs, technical infrastructure, and supporting process controls applicable to networks, servers, workstations, and other devices, as well as application system(s) and underlying database(s) that are integral to your IT risk management program.

SOC for cybersecurity reporting services

Whether you have a mature cybersecurity program or you are just beginning, CLA can help.

  • Document the system description to address the AICPA criteria
  • Make recommendations for program enhancement
  • Design and implement or strengthen cybersecurity programs
  • Test controls associated with attestation
  • Create customized SOC for cybersecurity reports to meet your needs

If needed, we can also provide a variety of services related to your IT infrastructure, including:

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