Proactively Prepare Your People for Coronavirus (and the Next Big Thing)

  • Employer strategies
  • 3/10/2020
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Sometimes the best defense is a good strategy. Use this list to empower your leaders and your company for the uncertainty ahead.

When it comes to unforeseen disruptions — from the coronavirus (COVID-19) to natural disasters — our advice is: don’t give in to fear. There are so many uncertainties facing business owners and leaders today that sometimes the easiest thing to do is nothing. It’s time to pause, understand, be aware of external forces related to major disrupting events, and formulate a strategy to position your enterprise for a stable and sustainable future.

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These checklists do just that: lay out a strategy to put your organization on its toes versus its heels. We encourage you to share this list broadly to create awareness and provide leaders with direction in these uncertain times. While these lists really just help you put commonsense steps into place to avoid health issues, they can also give your people confidence that you are taking decisive steps to provide a safe and productive working environment.

Your company 

  • Build awareness. Evangelize your expectations for infection control and post in public areas. Create a checklist in simple language. Hold town halls to review your checklist and answer questions. Print and hang these handwashing posters from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 
  • Encourage sick employees to stay home. Anyone with a fever of 100 degrees or more or who is coughing, sneezing, and having trouble breathing due to a mild to severe respiratory illness should not be at work spreading sickness to others.
  • Separate sick employees. Anyone with respiratory illness symptoms (cough, shortness of breath) upon arrival to work or during the day should be separated from other employees and be sent home immediately.
  • Step up housekeeping. Double down on lunchroom and bathroom sanitization several times per day. Spray down common areas, tabletops, desks, door handles, plants — anything that can harbor germs.
  • Traveling? Check symptoms. Advise employees before traveling to take certain steps, including checking the CDC’s travel health notices, checking for symptoms before traveling, and notifying supervisors and health care providers if they become ill.
  • Proactive protocol. Develop and share a company-wide policy if an employee is confirmed to have COVID-19 or have exposure to it. Check out these recommendations from the CDC.
  • Manage visitors. Make them aware of your policies for entering the premises. Provide copies of the same checklist supplied to employees.
  • Still have questions? Review the CDC’s Business Guidance and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website to learn more about preventing and reducing the impact of COVID-19 and how to protect your employees, customers, and yourselves.

The bottom line

From start to finish, CLA is here to support with experienced professionals who can craft strategy, analyze information, and shore up confidence in business planning. Data-driven decisions are key to success, and the CLA family can help. Our team is here to support or supplement you in any way as you navigate these uncertain times. Please contact us today.

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