Sharpen Your M&D Business Strategy [Video]

  • Employer strategies
  • 11/14/2019
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Are you looking to take on a new endeavor, expand your business, or move into your next phase of life? Experiencing hardship amongst family members or other leaders in your business, and worried about how it’s affecting your bottom line?

In this video series, Lisa Horn, director of consulting, discusses critical strategies for running a successful manufacturing and distribution business. Whether you’ve been in your business for decades or a year, we can help you set goals, mitigate risk and setbacks, and prepare you for the day when you’ll hand off your business.

Controlling your outcomes

You should always plan for the unexpected. Find out how preparing for “the five Ds” can help you de-risk your business and get you through times of hardship.

Planning for transition

Most owners are not ready to transition out of their business. But you want to be ready for a transaction three to five years prior to actually leaving your business to avoid unnecessary complications. See how planning today (e.g., completing a preparation checklist ) can benefit both your business and your personal post-transition plans.

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Stages of the business life cycle

The business lifecycle has four stages — but many businesses don’t know what stage they’re in. We can pinpoint where your business is today and discuss the common challenges you may face as a result.

Shrinking lead time

Long lead times often result in additional re-work for your scheduling team, excessive inventory on hand, and decreasingly accurate delivery times. But you can effectively shrink your lead time with a strategy that takes into account your specific product and capacity.

Maximizing the value of your business

Whether you’re transitioning your business or simply revamping your strategy, it’s important to know whether you’re doing everything you can to maximize value. You can build the healthy, sustainable business you want by identifying the challenges you may face as you drive your business forward.

Dynamics of a family-owned business

When it comes to family-owned businesses, there is often overlap in roles, which can lead to challenges and disagreements. Regardless of whether you are a family member, partner, owner, member of management, or a mix of these roles, it’s important to gain a deep understanding of the objective and goal of each team member’s role to move the business forward.

Leadership as the driving engine

Cultural issues and problems with team members are often directly related to a business’s leadership. Your business can implement an intentional culture that leads to positive experiences for team members, which then results in positive experiences for customers and suppliers.

How we can help

Most aspects of your business have predictable traits and challenges. Our team is well-versed in the phases and lifecycles of businesses like yours. Using our experience with other manufacturing and distribution organizations, we can help address current issues, identify problems you may face in the future, and make realistic plans to help keep you on track and on budget.

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