Retail Industry Analysis

Get a clear view of where your business stands amid your competitors and the larger retail industry.

CLA can help you exploit your strengths and fix weaknesses so you can better compete, market, and engage customers.

What’s on your mind?

  • Adapting to an increasingly complex and saturated retail market
  • Surviving the age of megamergers and acquisitions
  • Adjusting to the influx of foreign-based retailers
  • Staying on top of advances in technology
  • Managing the omnichannel experience

Experience our client-focused approach

You know all too well that to succeed in the retail industry, you have to constantly gauge customer demands and market trends, and then recalibrate and adjust to keep up with them. But all retail sectors are changing at breakneck speed, making it especially difficult to get an accurate read on the market and understand how you measure up.

Our retail assessment service does the hard work for you. With deep industry knowledge and an array of sophisticated evaluation tools at our disposal, our retail-specialized professionals conduct a top-to-bottom analysis of your operations. We size up your strengths and weaknesses and provide guidance and action steps to help you employ the resources, strategies, and messaging you need to succeed.

Our initial analysis starts with a review of competing retailers in your market and sector, as well as your entity structure, strategy, and key performance metrics. We then summarize and discuss our thoughts on your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions, ideas, and potential opportunities to improve performance.

Retail business assessment services

Our assessment service includes:
  • Category management review
  • Contribution-to-profit analysis
  • Industry trends and common challenges review
  • Metric dashboard
  • Mix management assessment
  • Risk management evaluation
  • Shrink assessment and loss prevention for grocery retailers
  • SKU rationalization and strategies
  • Store flow-layout analysis

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