Grocery Retailer Shrink Assessment and Loss Prevention

Close the gap between projected and actual profits with smart management of product inventory.

CLA helps your retail grocery store rethink operations and embed a waste-control mindset that can limit shrink, improve cash flow, and keep your customers coming back.

What’s on your mind?

  • Staying profitable in an industry with razor-thin margins
  • Keeping fresh, unexpired products on your shelves and controlling inventory of perishables
  • Instilling employees in all departments with a sense of responsibility for controlling waste and loss
  • Establishing proper storage, handing, ordering, and planning of inventory
  • Building a shrink and loss prevention program that rivals those of the larger chains

Create opportunities with CLA

Every retailer has shrink — there will always be breakage, theft, and loss — but with commitment and discipline, you can take that bull by the horns and greatly mitigate its impact on your store’s bottom line and reputation with customers.

CLA’s retail grocery-specialized professionals seek to understand any barriers to the initial implementation or ongoing success of a shrink program, educate your store’s managers and employees, and communicate the benefits of an effective shrink strategy with decision-makers. With deep industry knowledge and an array of sophisticated evaluation tools at our disposal, we then conduct a top-to-bottom analysis of your operations to identify where shrink issues might exist. We size up your strengths and weaknesses and provide guidance and action steps to help you employ the resources, practices, and training you need to succeed.

Shrink assessment and loss prevention services for grocery retailers

  • Review of existing shrink policies, including store walk-through by department
  • Analysis of financial records
  • Benchmarking comparison against industry peers
  • Design and implementation of comprehensive new shrink program
  • Management and employee education and training

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