Defining Processes

Get a mechanic’s-eye view of your dealership’s entire operations.

CliftonLarsonAllen’s dealership consultants can help connect each and every business process for greater efficiency and improved profitability.

What’s on your mind?

  • Integrating the steps of every operational process, from the time you accept a vehicle until its new owner drives it off the lot
  • Streamlining your service, appraisal, sales, reconditioning, finance and insurance, and other processes
  • Solidifying standard operating procedures and capturing them in writing
  • Infusing metrics, accuracy, and accountability into processes and procedures
  • Eliminating waste and controlling costs

Experience our client-focused approach

Just like a vehicle’s engine, your dealership runs best when all its moving parts are tuned and working together. None of your business processes works independently of another. CLA’s dealership consultants know how to interlink them in a way that strips unnecessary steps and costs, structures in checks and balances, and adds consistency and reliability. We can help order your procedural protocols for greater performance and profitability.

Process consulting services for dealerships

  • Process and efficiency consulting for meaningful improvement
  • Metrics and tracking
  • Standard operating procedure creation and training
  • Benchmarking of productivity
  • Clean handoffs between departments

CLA’s other dealership consulting services include driving profitability and developing your people.

Experience the CLA Promise