Health Care Reimbursement

What's on your mind?

  • Engaging a team that understands each state’s unique rules and regulations
  • How new laws and regulations affect Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement
  • How organizational changes impact reimbursement
  • Receiving completed cost reports — on time — and in a meaningful format
  • Gaining access to standards and benchmarks of similar organizations

Experience our client-focused approach

Our interactive engagement process will involve your personnel from start to finish. We work alongside you to gain a deep understanding of the issues unique to your organization. This helps us tailor our reimbursement services to your organization’s structure and challenges.

Our experienced health care reimbursement team keeps abreast of the Medicare and Medicaid rules and regulations in your state. We proactively advise you on how to reach peak operating performance, while attending to risk.

On an annual basis, we prepare or review nearly 600 Medicare and Medicaid cost reports. We deliver our services with uncompromising integrity and the highest level of quality.

Reimbursement services for health care providers

Be prepared for emerging legislation and understand its impact on your reimbursement.

CLA advises health care organizations on how changes in the regulatory and business environments impact reimbursement. 

Experience the CLA Promise