Hospital and Physician Affiliation Consulting

A close affiliation with a physician practice can strengthen your hospital’s position in the market.

CLA understands the challenges both physician practices and hospitals face in these relationships and can help you to navigate the complex issues.

What’s on your mind?

  • Decreased operating margins
  • Reduction in payer reimbursement (managed care contracting)
  • Maintaining or improving market share
  • Implementing technology solutions (e.g., new patient financial systems and electronic health records [EHR])
  • Recruiting primary care physicians (PCP) and/or specialty doctors
  • Providing reimbursement for call coverage
  • Getting physicians involved in hospital recruitment strategies and governance of medical staff
  • Reducing the competition between physicians and hospitals to maximize use of limited resources
  • Recruiting and retaining a new generation of physicians

Experience our client-focused approach

We offer a holistic consulting approach and will provide a critical and in-depth analysis of your current or potential affiliation agreements. We often work in a dual role, where we balance the interests and goals of the hospital and physician leaders. This positions us to focus on financial, strategic, and operational improvements that benefit both parties.

Our health care consultants keep up with industry trends and are knowledgeable about the growing movement toward more closely aligned hospital-physician relationships. We’ll help determine key advantages and disadvantages of potential models in an effort to improve:

  • Recruitment and retention of physicians
  • Practice stability
  • Access to resources
  • Integrated care delivery for your communities

Hospital and physician affiliation consulting services

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