KlariVis - Data Aggregation and Dashboard Solution

Empower strategic decision-making by bringing your data to life with one of the industry’s leading banking analytics platform.

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Financial institutions need visibility across their organization to take advantage of evolving opportunities. Created by veteran community bankers, KlariVis’s self-service, interactive dashboards empower your team to act on revenue-generating and efficiency opportunities including strategic, performance, and financial insights, automated board reporting, portfolio management, and other risk analysis opportunities.

How KlariVis works

KlariVis consumes data from a wide range of core and ancillary systems, turning it into intuitive, interactive data visualizations. Your previously siloed and disparate data is collected into KlariVis’s secure data warehouse on a nightly basis, and is then analyzed and aggregated to allow your team to quickly visualize your data in one place.

CLA’s KlariVis consulting team helps you address what matters most:

  • Gain visibility into your financial institution using real-time insights pulled directly from your core processing and ancillary systems.
  • Provide management with powerfully simple summaries about overall bank performance and growth trends across markets, branches, products, offices, and industries.
  • Enable your team to prepare smarter customer outreach, strengthen sales conversations, and create more revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Easily monitor past dues, credit concerns, and concentration issues to stay ahead of risks to your company’s financial health.
  • Provide your team the data they need, when they need it with self-service, real-time access.
  • Create a scalable system that can be tailored with optional modules and integrations.
  • Develop customized dashboards that provide actionable insights on your data, your way.

Experience our client-focused approach

CLA’s KlariVis consulting team provides streamlined, seamless implementations to financial institutions. Our team will work with you every step of the way, from implementation to training, drawing on the experiences of our accounting, auditing, tax, and outsourcing professionals for deeper industry insights. We work with your financial institution to understand your business needs and deliver a platform with meaningful insights compatible with your core processing and other ancillary systems. Then, we’ll help you implement, test, and train on a easy to use new system that scales with your growing institution — with dedicated ongoing support and technical guidance to help you meet your goals.

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KlariVis consulting services

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