Financial Institution Regulatory Compliance

Comply with ever-changing regulations and prevent violations examiners may find during testing.

Whether you need help meeting consumer compliance, fair lending, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), or other regulations, CLA’s consultants know what examiners are looking for because we work with financial institutions on regulatory compliance every day.

What’s on your mind?

  • Preparing for an upcoming regulatory compliance review
  • Recovering from a previous negative exam
  • Testing all or specific areas for regulatory compliance
  • Testing your regulatory compliance program to make sure it’s operating properly
  • Ensuring the quality of the services you receive align with the fees you pay
  • Finding additional resources for your current regulatory compliance program

Experience our client-focused approach

With CLA, you’ll have immediate access to consultants that spend 100 percent of their time helping financial institutions comply with regulations. Rather than conducting tests, delivering a report, and walking away, we can sit down and talk through options so you can fix problem areas. We test your institution against the requirements outlined by federal consumer protection laws and regulations, so you’re the first to know about risks in your financial institution.

Regulatory compliance consulting services for financial institutions

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