Affordable Housing

Confidently navigate the complex regulatory environment of affordable housing by working with an experienced and dedicated team.

Together we’ll create opportunities 

Every project has its own set of challenges, which means each project demands a customized approach. Our professionals can provide a broad spectrum of services across a variety of affordable housing entities to help you uncover opportunities.

We’re committed to addressing what matters most to you:

  • Understanding changing regulations 
  • Compliance issues for audit, tax, Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC), and cost certifications 
  • Navigating financing opportunities 
  • Tax credit application assistance 
  • Identifying regulatory and compliance issues that threaten tax credit and housing and urban development (HUD) project eligibility
  • Planning for tax credit year 15 exits at project inception

Experience our client-focused approach

Affordable housing offers numerous financing opportunities through HUD, tax credits, and tax-exempt financing to enrich and support local communities. While these projects benefit current and future affordable housing developments, they must comply with various reporting and regulatory obligations — which means you must navigate them carefully. Mistakes in any project phase can lead to costly financial consequences or disqualification from future programs. We help you avoid those potential errors by blending industry experience with a wide range of resources. 

We support public housing authorities, state housing credit agencies, and operators, sponsors, and developers of HUD and low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) projects. We start our process by understanding your vision. During pre-application and pre-development, we can assist in determining a project’s feasibility by providing financial projections. From there, we work with you to identify opportunities and mitigate challenges from development and construction through occupancy, then support your regulatory compliance process through annual financial statement audits, tax compliance, and on-going education as changes occur.

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