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Federal Government

Be confident that your agency is delivering the transparency and efficiency the public seeks. CLA provides solutions to federal government agencies and other related federal entities to help them achieve and maintain the public’s trust.

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What’s on your mind?

  • Complying with increasingly stringent regulations
  • Protecting against data, privacy, and system security threats
  • Improving financial management and program performance despite constrained budgets and resources
  • Overcoming the operational challenges of outdated technologies and outmoded processes
  • Streamlining performance measurements and prioritizing goals to drive program impact and productivity
  • Utilizing risk management to achieve program efficiency

A unique approach

Our professionals help federal government clients successfully prepare financial statements, complete audits, and structure their financial reporting processes. We also help them improve internal controls and operate more efficiently.

Our team is actively engaged in the federal community, and we participate in accounting advisory boards to stay at the forefront of this rapidly changing environment that affects you.

CLA is registered to do business on the U.S. General Services Administration’s Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) and Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Service (MOBIS) schedules.

Services for federal government agencies

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