Quality Assessment Review

Internal audit provides a critical tool for corporate governance.

Our experienced professionals can provide an independent, customized quality assessment review.

What’s on your mind?

Knowing whether your internal audit activity

  • Complies with professional internal audit standards
  • Focuses on the right internal audit areas
  • Adds value to the organization
  • Has the appropriate sphere of influence
  • Understands stakeholder needs and expectations
  • Follows the leading practices of the profession

Experience our client-focused approach

Every internal audit activity is required to have an external quality assurance review (QAR) performed at least once every five years. Our approach to your QAR goes beyond the compliance check required by professional internal audit standards. In addition to assessing conformance to professional internal audit standards, we evaluate your internal audit activity against leading professional practices and emerging trends, and confirm your strengths and identify opportunities for improvement.

We pay particular attention to people, infrastructure, technology, communication, processes, credibility, and strategic value as compared to the preferred practices and industry standards. We also consider how responsive your internal audit process is to changes in your company’s operations and business objectives, and its ability to address changing or emerging risks to your organization’s strategic objectives.

Quality assurance review services

  • Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization’s internal audit activity
  • Identify strengths and opportunities for increasing value to the organization
  • Help the internal audit activity develop a road map and implementation plan to go beyond stakeholder expectations
  • Promote compliance with professional internal audit standards
  • Transform your internal audit activity into a strategic asset of the organization

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