Grant Funding Research and Analysis

Grant funding can play a key role in helping your organization obtain additional revenue to support its programs and mission.

CLA can help you identify grant funding opportunities, assess eligible costs, and analyze which opportunities align with your purpose and financial goals.

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  • Identifying and successfully pursuing relevant funding opportunities
  • Understanding costs and activities that may be eligible for grant funds
  • Balancing funding opportunities with other day-to-day tasks

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Obtaining outside grant funding can help you to run your organization’s programs successfully and to fulfill your overall mission. But, navigating the many funding opportunities can be overwhelming. That is where CLA comes in — we can help you identify the federal, state, or private foundation grant opportunities for which your organization may be eligible.

Grant funding research and analysis services

We start the process by reviewing the funding opportunity documents and requirements. From there, we can help you assess the costs and activities your organization has performed or can perform in the future that may be eligible to receive funding.

Generally, grants only cover costs that are not funded by another source. We help you analyze your eligible costs and the grant opportunities that may be most likely to enhance your funding potential.

If your organization would rather take the lead on those initial steps, we can instead provide training to help management understand the funding opportunity requirements and the eligible costs. We can then develop a tool to identify, track, and monitor those costs, and which can be used to aid in the grant application process.

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