Grant Application and Proposal Writing

Grant funding can help your organization build a sustainable program, but the multi-step application process is time consuming.

CLA can help you prepare engaging and effective applications and proposals so you can take advantage of grant funding opportunities.

What’s on your mind?

  • Preparing competitive and robust grant applications or proposals
  • Ensuring your organization’s mission aligns with grant programs
  • Balancing grant writing with other day-to-day tasks

Create opportunities with CLA

The grant application process can be daunting. Writing and submitting funding applications challenges even the most seasoned communicator, and many organizations don’t have the luxury of a dedicated grant writing team. CLA can come alongside you through the grant application process and help you write a detailed funding application or proposal. Our team has valuable experience with grant funding expectations and requirements.

Grant funding application, proposal writing, and review services

We can help guide you through the grant application process, which starts with an in-depth review of the funding opportunity documents. From there, we work closely with you to develop and write a competitive funding application or proposal. We give comprehensive attention to each section of your application, from the executive summary and goal statement to the community capacity, sustainability plan, and more.

The process includes:

  • Reviewing the logic model or framework for the project to provide an outline in the application or proposal
  • Analyzing whether the plan for sustainability is reasonable
  • Checking that the prepared budgets are appropriate for the defined evaluation plan
  • Confirming the information is accurate and current

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