Case Study: New Accounting Software Saves Manufacturer 60 Hours a Month

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  • 7/18/2023
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Organization: Major food manufacturer Need: Modernize time-consuming accounting processes Outcome: New software saves time and reduces errors

Understanding the situation

A major food manufacturer was down an accounting employee and its complex rebate and billback process was a challenge for the under-staffed department to decipher. The small task had snowballed into a full-time data entry job as the manufacturer had grown significantly but the accounting department retained old processes.

The accounting manager was left with a mass of spreadsheets and disorganized Excel files. The error-prone situation was an inefficient burden and the company had trouble finding an employee to do the work.

Exploring the challenge

The accounting manager reached out to CLA for assistance. While the open position was a headache, it was also an opportunity to rethink how work gets done.

The accounting manager was open to starting from scratch to build an efficient process. CLA’s digital team took a curious and collaborative approach, finding out not only how work was done but why.

Instead of backfilling the open position with the same type of labor, CLA helped the manufacturer automate manual processes so the manufacturer could reframe the job to a position offering ongoing value to the company. CLA’s tailored software provided better sustainability to address market and workforce changes. It also made training and maintenance easier.

Achieving results

CLA made sense of the mess — and helped the company turn a complicated, paper-based process into a seamless automated update.

The new system is expected to save upwards of 60 hours each month of manual data input and reconciliation. It allows for a more automated process while also reducing errors. Management can now make more timely decisions about its customer rebate and billback programs, while also tracking and allocating costs to periods more efficiently and accurately.

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