A Conversation on the Impact of South Dakota v. Wayfair on Nonprofit Tax

  • Tax strategies
  • 7/26/2018
Theis Trimner

Listen in as two CLA nonprofit professionals discuss the big U.S. Supreme Court decision, which will change the way many organizations collect and remit sales tax.

When the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair, nonprofit organizations began asking what this landmark court decision will mean for their state sales tax responsibilities.

Catch the conversation between CLA’s David Trimner and Kathleen Thies to learn more about the court case and what nonprofits should be doing now as the state sales tax landscape begins to change, such as determining what goods and services are being sold and identifying where customers are at.

How we can help

CLA’s nonprofit tax professionals can analyze your particular situation and perform a sales tax nexus assessment (post-Wayfair checkup).

Review our August 16 webinar on The Wayfair Decision and Its Effect on Sales Tax for Nonprofits for more information.

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