Listen: CLA Connects Real Estate Clients and Boutique Fund Managers

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  • 1/5/2018
Conference Meeting Discussion

Listen to a story of how CLA’s real estate clients benefit from an entrepreneurial approach and the unique ability to offer a variety of resources from one firm.

CLA can offer new and emerging fund managers a wide variety of resources.

Jack Rybicki, who leads CliftonLarsonAllen’s (CLA) real estate practice, listened carefully to his client talk about wanting to change the family business’ infrastructure and possibly tap into external markets. Rybicki thought he could help accomplish those goals, so he contacted one of the firm’s financial professionals. In doing so, he demonstrated how CLA has deliberately embraced its evolution from a traditional CPA firm to a professional services firm.

Team approach offers clients access to deep resources

CLA offers a wide breadth of resources. One of the necessary assets for Rybicki’s client came from his colleague, Dominic Zamora, a principal with CliftonLarsonAllen Wealth Advisors, LLC. When the client understood that the firm could offer tax, reporting, compliance, and accounting perspectives, the reaction was obvious: His eyes opened wide.

In this particular instance, Rybicki acted as the conduit between the clients and the relationships that Zamora had developed with fund managers. Because most boutique fund managers haven’t come across a firm that can offer everything that Rybicki and Zamora could bring to the transaction, all the parties involved were pleased and relieved to have CLA orchestrating the deal.

Listen to a conversation between Rybicki, Zamora, and Ben Darwin, principal, to learn more about the unique ways CLA helps clients.

How we can help

CLA has a broad network of quality internal resources to help clients, but we also have established relationships with external parties, too. Our relationships can bring a sense of trust and simplicity to business situations that can be fairly complicated.

Our professionals come to know the people we serve on a personal level so we can offer them what they need. In this case, it was real estate services combined with wealth advisory, but every situation is different, and because we know our clients and understand the industries they serve, we can gather the necessary resources to help.

About CLA

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