Nonprofit Outsourcing

Have more time to focus on your mission while adding value to your financial operations.

CLA provides customized finance and accounting solutions so you can devote more time and resources to furthering your organization’s goals.

"I can sleep well at night because I know the thorough work the CLA team brings to their CFO services. They take time to ensure I understand our financials and their quarterly reports help our board fulfill its duties."

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Dave Wickstrom, Executive Director, Alliance of Disability Advocates

What’s on your mind?

  • Providing the same level of mission-driven services with dwindling resources
  • Adhering to health care reform regulations
  • Complying with increasingly complex nonprofit accounting standards
  • Monitoring and reporting on restricted funds
  • Establishing systems for timely grant reporting and compliance
  • Maintaining cash flow so vendors and staff are paid on time
  • Having enough office support to keep your organization running smoothly

Experience our client-focused approach

We can help make your life easier and your organization stronger with finance and accounting professionals who understand nonprofits. We will provide strong financial leadership, enabling your internal team to focus on program delivery and effectiveness, and on raising the necessary funds to create a financially sustainable organization.

You’ll benefit from our flexible business model — we assess your organization’s finance and accounting needs and collaborate with you to provide a customized outsourcing solution scaled to your exact needs.

Outsourcing services for nonprofits

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