The Future of Life Plan Communities Infographics

Discover the steps your organization can take to have a greater chance of success going forward.

Since 2018, we’ve reported on senior living trends in order to deepen our understanding of the role of disruption in the shifting and evolving market and offer growth strategies considering these senior living trends.

Thank you for your feedback this year. Your responses enhanced our previously published 2019 and 2020 senior living trends report findings and enabled us to create a series of infographics designed to facilitate discussions with team members and board members.

Access our infographic series — with summary findings from CLA’s survey of providers from across the United States — using the links below.

Nursing in life plan communities

Infographic 1: Nursing in Life Plan Communities 

Most providers believe nursing is very important to their campus. Conversely, a significant percentage are reducing — or have plans to reduce — the size of their nursing footprint. Learn about the possible operational challenges associated with nursing, and the desire to support aging in place. 

Aging in PlaceInfographic 2: Aging in Place

Promoting and supporting the ability to age in place within independent living is critical to providers’ ability to be successful. Learn about the focus on aging in place within independent living and the potential consequences this may cause.

Infographic 3: Workforce Pressures Workforce Pressures

One of the greatest challenges in the future will be access to skilled labor. Learn about skillsets needed in the future and how to align with future needs at communities. 

Infographic 4: Senior Living Options 

Senior Living Options

Most people’s plans prioritize non-medical home care. Preparing for baby boomers while focusing on increasing demographics and service reach, providers showed diversity in their offerings. Learn how providers will focus on expanding reach and altering operations. Home-based and community-based services appear to a major focus moving forward.

Infographic 5: Demographic Growth Demographic Growth

Demographic growth is likely to increase the number of non-traditional competitors. Learn how demographic growth can expand market opportunities while opening the doors to non-traditional competitors.

Infographic 6: Technology Technology CCRC Infographic

Technology will likely transform the competitive landscape for life plan communities. Learn how investments in technology will transform landscapes (from the creation of custom programs and apps) and how it might impact communities’ and providers’ desire to embrace technology long into the future.

Infographic 7: Affiliations

Aging in PlaceLarge or multi-site systems may have a competitive advantage within the marketplace. Most single-site providers agreed that multi-site systems would have a competitive advantage; but some noted that they could thrive as a standalone. Learn whether being part of a system is crucial or whether good strategy and execution allows single sites to thrive in their own markets.