Inspired Careers

At CLA, we give you the freedom to explore unlimited opportunities and customize a career that inspires you.

Career growth is about having new experiences and lots of exposure to different roles that stretch your comfort zone, expand your skills, and shape you as a leader. It’s not so much about climbing a ladder or acquiring new titles — it’s the discovery of your strengths and the outer reaches of your true potential.

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Our people have the freedom to explore unlimited opportunities, including their choice of industry specialization, service capability, career path, and mobility.

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Rethink career growth

Whatever lies ahead in your career is unique to you. It’s your future, and we think you should own it.

At CLA, the ultimate destination for a career is not just to become a partner or principal. CLA empowers you to customize a career plan that maximizes your individual talents and passions and furthers our firm’s strategies and capabilities.

With some coaching and guidance, you get to fill in the details — like what industry you’ll practice in, how you’ll build relationships and serve clients in your own way, what specialized abilities you’ll bring to the table to help others succeed … And you’re welcome to move in and out of the different tracks as your life circumstances, work experiences, and career aspirations change.

Build your inspired career

Whether you pursue a variety of career options within CLA or use your experiences here to directly serve a business or organization outside our firm, we want your time with us to enrich your mind and build your inspired career. As a CLA employee, you can contribute meaningfully to our profession, the industries we practice in, and the communities we call home. You’ll become a highly sought professional whose perspective and advice are invaluable to those you serve.

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