The Career-Building Firm

Reimagine career growth.

At CLA, we give you the room you need to explore your options.

Think of it this way: career growth is about having new experiences and lots of exposure to different roles that stretch your comfort zone, expand your skills, and shape you as a leader. It’s not so much about climbing a ladder or acquiring new titles — it’s the discovery of your strengths and the outer reaches of your true potential.

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CLA provides you with a variety of work experiences that will help you understand new concepts, master skills, and build your value as a professional.

Dream big — then make it happen

Whatever lies ahead in your career is unique to you. It’s your future, and we think you should own it.

That’s why CLA has taken a departure from the traditional CPA firm career track where the ultimate destination is a partner or principal. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to planning your future, CLA empowers you to customize a career plan that maximizes your individual talents and passions and furthers our firm’s strategies and capabilities.

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We’ve laid out the basic road maps for multiple career options, including an alumni path. With some coaching and guidance, you get to fill in the details — like what industry you’ll practice in, how you’ll build relationships and serve clients in your own way, what specialized abilities you’ll bring to the table to help others succeed … And you’re welcome to move in and out of the different tracks as your life circumstances, work experiences, and career aspirations change.

Build your personal and market value

Whether you pursue a variety of career options within CLA or use your experiences here to directly serve a business or organization outside our firm, we want your time with us to enrich your mind and build your marketplace value. As a CLA employee or alumni, you can contribute meaningfully to our profession, the industries we practice in, and the communities we call home. You’ll become a highly sought professional whose perspective and advice are invaluable to those you serve.

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