Diversity and Inclusion

Reach your dreams.

The people at CLA are dedicated to one thing: helping the person across the table from us reach his or her dreams.

Whether the person across from us is a client striving for new heights of success or a coworker custom-building a career, the goal is always the same.

But to make that kind of impact on those you serve and work with, you need the freedom to be who you are and pour your whole self into your work. We don’t want our people to check their histories at the door; we want them to bring the entire depths of their unique talents, perspectives, and backgrounds to serve our clients and each other in a powerful way.

CLA recognizes that diversity and inclusiveness are fundamental to building a stronger workforce and a better firm. We welcome the texture of thought and perspective that every race, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, religion, and socio-economic background bring us. As we move forward in building a robust diversity and inclusion program, we look for individuals who can help champion the cause, challenge our thinking, and build a dynamic and progressive firm. We invite you to join us in this important effort.

Dive In Diversity and Inclusion

CLA celebrates all types of diversity, including each of the women in our firm who contribute to our success. Watch our video on how women live out our impact culture of leadership, ownership, and entrepreneurship to help our firm thrive.

Employee resource groups

CLA’s approach to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment includes supporting employee resource groups. These groups serve as an internal networking group for CLA employees, promote professional development and mentoring opportunities, and provide a forum for group members to connect and learn from each other across industry and service lines.

One of our employee resource groups is Military Connections, which serves employees with military service backgrounds and family members with current or prior military service. What’s it like to be a part of CLA’s Military Connections group? Matthew Harris explains in this short video.

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