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The Latest on Tariffs and Their Impact on Business Strategies [Video and Audio]

  • 7/27/2021
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CLA has contracted with The Franklin Partnership and Omar Nashashibi to provide the content for this video and audio series. We regularly add new clips as changes in the trade war and U.S. tariff policies develop, so check back periodically for the latest updates.

Infographic: Tariff Mitigation and Management

We’ve talked extensively with Omar Nashashibi of The Franklin Partnership and others to record a series of short videos and audio clips that can help you better understand the goal of tariffs, their likely impact on inflation, the current and near-term trade environment, potential global quotas, and strategies for staying competitive.  

Forced Labor in Supply Chains

On July 13, 2021, the U.S. government took the unusual step of warning U.S. companies about engaging in business with entities that have connections to China’s Xinjiang region, due to forced labor and human rights abuses. Omar Nashashibi of the Franklin Partnership in Washington, D.C. discusses the possibility of sanctions and legal violations by any U.S. businesses whose supply chains may have connections to the region.


The Latest on Tariffs and the Boeing-Airbus Dispute

Omar Nashashibi of the Franklin Partnership in Washington, D.C. provides an update on talks between the U.S. and EU, the five-year suspension of tariffs due to the Boeing-Airbus dispute, and the latest on the Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs.


Digital Tax Tariff and China Bill

The USTR recently imposed tariffs on countries adopting a digital services tax, then suspended them. The U.S. Congress is moving supply chain legislation, and some are making a major push to restart the Section 30 China tariff exclusion process. Omar Nashashibi of the Franklin Partnership in Washington, D.C. provides a trade update after a few busy weeks.


Tai Hearings, Trade Update

It’s a busy month for trade on The Hill with congressional hearings, possible votes on China policy and supply chains, and the U.S. Trade Representative testifying before Congress on the White House trade policy. Plus, there are hearings on Digital Services taxes and increasing pressure on the Biden administration to remove tariffs. Omar Nashashibi of the Franklin Partnership in Washington D.C. discusses all the pending action and possible outcomes.


How we can help

CLA’s manufacturing and distribution professionals and international business advisors can help you assess the impact of tariffs on your operations and craft short- and long-term strategies for competing amid the trade war.