DARTON GROUP Consulting, named among Charlotte’s “Fast 50” companies by the Charlotte Business Journal, joined CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP), on July 1, 2018.

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DARTON GROUP Consulting, One of Charlotte’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies, Joins CLA

  • 7/18/2018

Charlotte — DARTON GROUP Consulting, named among Charlotte’s “Fast 50” companies by the Charlotte Business Journal for five consecutive years, joined professional services firm CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP), on July 1, 2018.

“We have had an incredible 10 years in the industry,” says Rochelle Rivas, president, DARTON GROUP Consulting. “Because of our success, we have had the opportunity to ‘turn many corners’ and join other organizations. But I wanted to find a place where the DARTON team could move as one cohesive group to continue serving our clients — not simply monetize the business we’ve built and exit."

“As an entrepreneur, you don’t always feel you can find and work with like minded people with similar visions,” continues Rivas. “That changed when I met the leaders of CLA. I immediately recognized CLA as home, and the place where we will carry forward our unique culture and commitment to our community.”

Since its inception, DARTON GROUP Consulting has built an ever-expanding network to connect people to opportunities. The team lives the mentality, ‘if I can’t help you here, I’ll connect you elsewhere,’ always taking time to be thoughtful about the people coming through their doors and how they might help.

“We center on people. We deliver amazing business results. And we do good for others along the way,” says Aaron Laughlin, vice president of sales and operations, DARTON GROUP Consulting. “As CLA, that commitment carries on and our opportunities to deliver widen.”

CLA’s approach to business has grown out of a passion for the businesses in our communities and a deep concern for the people who make them run.

“I’m excited to deepen our capabilities with DARTON’s high-calibur professionals,” says Nancy Brown, CAST managing partner, CLA. “We exist to create opportunities — and continue to build up a resourceful team, poised to help address our clients’ personal, financial, and business needs.”

As one of the nation’s leading professional services firms, CLA has retained the agility to serve clients of all sizes and in all locations, while at the same time bringing an unparalleled depth of capabilities, all in one place.

“We do business differently,” says Clint Watson, director, consultant engagement, DARTON GROUP Consulting. “Our office wall has three words posted on it: ‘unusual, unique, connected.’ It’s that type of culture and connection that we will continue, as CLA.”

The 60+ former DARTON GROUP Consulting team members will continue to serve clients locally and nationally from Charlotte, expanding CLA’s North Carolina team to more than 320 professionals.

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