Microsoft 365 Security

Keep pace with ever-changing platform updates to help protect your organization from serious cyberthreats.

Configuring Microsoft 365 security and compliance features appropriately can help defend your organization from a costly, disruptive data breach. Relying on default security settings isn’t enough. Hackers can expose vulnerabilities to target organizations of all sizes.

CLA has a deep understanding of Microsoft 365, with firsthand experience helping organizations respond to compromises after losing millions of dollars because of poorly configured cloud platforms. We can help you securely deploy Microsoft 365 technology and address what matters most to you:

  • Enhancing protection and compliance for your Microsoft 365 cloud environment
  • Reviewing and updating Microsoft 365 security configurations
  • Keeping up with Microsoft’s ever-changing platform and services
  • Integrating cloud technologies with confidence
  • Bringing visibility to your cyber-risk and threats
  • Taking critical steps to protect sensitive data — and your reputation

Experience our client-focused approach

Our Microsoft 365 security review examines a wide range of security settings within the cloud platform, taking into account your organization’s needs. CLA’s cybersecurity professionals provide recommended configurations based on industry standards, a deep understanding of the technology, and experience helping clients navigate real-world challenges. 

Microsoft 365 consulting services

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