A Look at the Dealership Industry in the Year 2030 and Beyond

  • Industry trends
  • 2/20/2020
Autoteam America 2020 Whitepaper

This white paper concentrates on retail dealership operations as they continue to evolve and addresses the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Use it to help plan for your long-term goals. 

We often find that dealership operators are laser-focused on short-term industry trends that impact their business on a month-to-month basis. At CLA, our dealership team continues to work in conjunction with Auto Team America to provide data-driven, in-depth analysis and perspectives on key themes and trends likely to impact the auto dealership industry in the years and decades to come. 

Download White Paper: The Evolving Dealership: 2030 and Beyond

As an update to Auto Trade America’s prior white paper “2030 Dealership Vision: The Road Forward!” published in 2017, this latest version takes stock of performance trends to date in order to validate or invalidate original predictions, and formulates new perspectives on the evolving auto dealership model for your consideration and planning purposes in the year 2030 and beyond. For example, certain discussions from our prior reports will likely take longer to impact dealerships than originally anticipated, including electrified vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and changes to state franchise laws. 

This up-to-date white paper analyzes three special focus topics and their potential future impact, otherwise known as “The Big 3,” which include people and personnel, electrification and autonomous, and the evolving dealership. 

Change is inevitable. While the pace at which these changes come into play is debatable, our CLA dealership professionals are here to help you stay informed so you can plan for your future.

The industry leaders who participated in this process included dealers with operations of various size and scale, dealership attorneys and bankers, and members of Auto Team America (ATA), a national association of CPAs serving dealers across the country.

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