34th SNF Cost Comparison and Industry Trends Report — National Themes, Local Insights

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  • 10/10/2019
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Using national and state-specific data, we explore trends and present findings to help skilled nursing facilities gauge their economic health.

If skilled nursing facility (SNF) operators have learned anything over the past several years, it’s that the status quo will not suffice.

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The magnitude and pace of change we’re seeing in the industry today is requiring operators to gather new data, accept new risks, and respond to changing market conditions with an unprecedented sense of urgency.

This year’s SNF Cost Comparison and Industry Trends Report examines the current industry landscape to help your facility gauge its economic health.

Introducing state-specific data

We have all heard that health care is local, and it is particularly true in skilled nursing due to drastically different Medicaid rates, Medicare Advantage penetration rates, and variations in other nuances between states. In response to this trend, we have replaced our regional analysis with a state-specific analysis through an online report.

We encourage you to take advantage of this data, as we believe that it will provide a unique line of sight into the economic health of the SNFs in your state.

Access your state’s data.

This year’s report validates what we originally explored in last year’s comparison report — an overall negative trend in financial results continues to plague skilled nursing operators. For the first time in the 34 years we have been measuring SNF financial results, the median operating margin has dipped below zero (and currently sits at -0.1%).

And other trends measured in this report suggest that many operators are struggling to generate sufficient cash flow, are taking out additional financing to support operations, and do not have excess funds to reinvest in their communities.

As a professional services firm serving 1,500+ SNFs, we strive to equip our clients and the industry at large with fresh insights and ideas. In this 34th annual report, we offer national financial and operational benchmark data on the skilled nursing industry. To take our research one step further, we also provide unique analyses and insights that have not been included in previous cost comparison reports.

As a result, we have chosen to change the name of this report to Cost Comparison and Industry Trends Report to better reflect the nature of the information presented.

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