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Rethink your business operations, information systems, and financial and risk management policies and procedures.

Let’s turn challenges into opportunities

At all levels of government, there is pressure to meet the needs of a demanding public. Behind the scenes, CFOs, CIOs, auditors, accountants, finance directors, executives, inspector generals, and others face distinct challenges that the public never sees: regulations turn stricter, budgets become tighter, and systems grow older. There is always a call to do more with less. But what if you could do more with what you already have? Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to uncover new strategies that can make a significant difference.

We bring government professionals to serve you

Our dedicated government services team has deep, technical experience in serving governmental entities throughout the United States, which allows them to provide a wide variety of consulting, outsourcing, data analytics, and audit services to all levels of government, including the federal government, states and state agencies, cities, towns, counties, school districts, utilities, public pension plans, and other special purpose districts.

CLA’s trusted reputation is solidified by the fact that we audit the most states of any other firm in the country, and provide financial management and assurance services for federal CFO Act-level agencies, the Department of Defense, and legislative agencies. And while we have the resources of a leading professional services firm, we’ll never sacrifice our personal touch and our commitment to meeting your specific needs.

By the numbers


professionals serving 3,700 governments nationwide


professionals with federal clearances

Top auditor

Audits more states, municipalities, and localities than any other firm


nearly 130 locations with global reach through CLA Global

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