Registrations and Licenses for Telecom Providers

Treat registrations and licenses as assets and, with the proper compliance, their value can grow.

What’s on your mind?

  • Determining the proper federal and state registrations and licenses needed for your service type
  • Meeting your compliance and business growth goals

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CLA’s telecom team members combine excellent telecommunications regulatory and tax knowledge with dynamic systems of process. We understand what licenses and registrations can meet the needs of your business now and into the future.

Registration and license services for telecommunications providers

Our full-service registration and licensing team can prepare and execute your licenses and registrations through completion.

  • FCC and USAC (499) licensing
  • State Public Commission registration
  • Secretary of State qualification
  • Jurisdictional tax registrations
  • Business license renewals
  • State public utility commission (CLEC, IXC, CMRS, VoIP)
  • Tax registrations

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Take steps to achieve your compliance and growth goals by getting in touch with one of our telecommunication industry professionals.

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