Family Business Transition in Construction Companies

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  • March 26, 2024
  • 11 a.m. – Noon CT
  • Location
  • Webinar
  • Speaking, Hosting

Transitioning a construction business from one generation to the next can be significantly challenging. There may be concerns about fairness, conflicts over power and control, issues around trust and family dynamics, and concerns around choosing and preparing a successor. On top of that, families may wonder how they could even make a transition work from a financial perspective, not to mention how to do all of this while preserving the family legacy.

Fortunately, with some focus and planning, many of these challenges are solvable. Join our on-demand webinar to hear from CLA professionals with significant experience supporting those in the construction industry through business transitions. 

You’ll gain a better understanding of:

  • Some of the more common ways to structure an internal transition
  • Common family dynamics challenges and how to help avoid them
  • How to set the next generation up for succession

Who should attend

This session is designed for owners and family members of family-owned businesses. 

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