Bisnow Multifamily Annual Conference Midwest

Event Detail
  • Date
  • 06/13/2024
  • Location
  • Chicago, IL
  • Sponsoring, Moderating

People, places, and projects shaping Chicagoland’s residential development

Following a record-setting year with occupancy, rent growth, and economic metrics that lead the nation, Chicago’s multifamily market is the rare success story in a climate, region, and industry marred by insecurity and lack of progress. Across the Windy City, both qualitative and quantitative measures continue to indicate the multifamily as robust, well-balanced, and rife for development, with more to come.

What accounts for these positive and reliable outcomes? What lessons can be learned from the successes of the city’s biggest developers? And what do new types of projects like adaptive repositioning and reuse say about where this asset class is headed? Join Bisnow for the premiere CRE event on the trends, obstacles, and opportunities shaping the Midwest multifamily space.

What you’ll learn from Midwest CRE leaders at this event:

  • What key developments, investments, and transactions are defining Chicago’s multifamily space? What’s setting the standard, and the stage, for 2024?
  • How will Chicago’s multifamily market fare against slowing construction and development operations? How are this and other broader economic issues impacting the region?
  • Chicago leads the nation in rent growth. What accounts for this success, and what comes next?
  • What types of amenities and characteristics are drawing the most interest from tenants? What are the particular niches, updates, or opportunities that potential partners find appealing?
  • Chicago recently cracked the top five markets for office-to-residential conversions. What role does this type of repositioning project play in an already complex market?
  • What city neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs are bellwethers of success in the Chicago multifamily market?
  • What does the state of the Chicago multifamily market say about the CRE landscape and economic trajectory of the area? What can other cities learn from Chicago, and vice versa?
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