Bisnow DFW Master Planned Communities

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  • Date
  • February 13, 2024
  • Location
  • Dallas,TX
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The future of DFW master-planned communities

DFW's remarkable growth in housing demand and affordability, along with the influx of residents to its suburbs, has created a market ripe with potential.

The DFW area was recently ranked among the top-selling in the U.S. for master-planned communities and new trends are emerging in response to today’s market, such as an interest in lifestyle and rental options. This presents lucrative prospects for investors and developers.

Attendees will gain insights from industry leaders who have successfully capitalized on these opportunities. Discover how they've reimagined master-planned communities and mixed-use developments to meet the evolving needs of residents and investors alike.

Learn firsthand how companies strategically address factors such as quality, affordability, amenities, architecture, and design to maintain a competitive edge and stay ahead in the ever-evolving residential demand landscape. Don't miss the chance to network, learn, and position your business for success in this thriving market.

What you’ll learn:

  • What are the key factors that have contributed to the success of several master-planned communities in DFW being named top five in the nation?
  • Why has Dallas-Fort Worth become a focal point for master-planned community growth, and why is this happening now
  • How do rising prices and ongoing development plans in DFW's master-planned communities compare to national trends?
  • What is the impact of master-planned communities on small towns, and how does it affect local economy and policy?
  • What considerations should developers take into account when choosing sites for master-planned communities in order to have a positive impact on the surrounding areas and their long-term sustainability?
  • How does the presence of multiple developers targeting the same areas influence site selection and community growth?
  • Why is placemaking considered a crucial aspect of master-planned communities, and how does it shape residents' experiences? Recent trends for the development of large-scale amenities as well as the inclusion of retail have been on the rise. How does it affect the idea of placemaking within these communities?
  • What is driving the shift towards offering a variety of housing options in master-planned communities, including build-to-rent, multifamily, single-family, and active 55+ communities?
  • What is the connection between the decrease in single-family house permit approvals and the diversity of developments within master-planned communities?
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