2024 California Bankers Association Annual Conference

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  • Date
  • 04/19/2024 – 04/22/2024
  • Location
  • Waimea, HI
  • Sponsoring, Speaking

Data-Driven Banking: Unlocking the Power of Analytics for Growth and Success

Monday, April 22 | 2:15 – 3 p.m.

CLA speakers: Josh Juergensen and David Heneke

Join CLA to unlock the power of data analytics and transform your banking institution. This session explores the untapped potential of data analytics in the banking industry. Despite having access to vast amounts of data on customer spending habits, many banks fail to leverage this information to drive growth and make informed decisions.

As it becomes increasingly important to analyze large amounts of data quickly, effective data analytics is critical. Fortunately, data analytics tools are likely already available to you.

To help you get started on your data analytics journey, we’ll cover data analytics concepts, demonstrate how to leverage information from your core system, and provide examples of building routines for automated data analysis. Through real-life examples, we illustrate how easy it is to get started with data analytics.

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