Susan Schmaltz


CAAS Consultant Relationship Leader for CLA's Client Accounting and Advisory Services team. As part of CLA's Consulting and Outsourcing practice, CAAS is an experienced team of CPAs, consultants and other professioanls who serve clients of varying size and complexity including Fortun 100 companies, closely held businesses, startups, and non-profit organizations. CAAs works closely with client executive leadership to understand their strateigc priorities and actively engage in problem solving. We come alongside our clients during times of change to help manage through volatility, peak workload issues, special projects, or workforce challenges via interim and recurring role solutions.

Prior to her role in CAAS, Susan was the People Soutions Regional Director for CLA's Outsourcing and Wealth Advisory practices, and has 20 years in professional services in both legal and the AZ Attorney General's office. With 25 years management experience in change management, organizational design, leadership development, employee relations, & other employee services, Susan provides guidance and consultation on how policies and programs can be leveraged to build and develop the people and culture needed to achieve our CAAS mission and strategic vision.


B.A. from University of Arizona

In the community

Society Human Resources Management; AZ Work Life Network