Elly Barrineau


BS and MS in Accounting from University of North Carolina Greensboro


I am a CPA with more than 14 years of experience working in audit and accounting. I enjoy resolving complex accounting issues and working with diverse teams to help them meet client's expectations. My global experience allows me to provide actionable recommendations about the accounting ramifications of transactions and activities.

As the Managing Principal of CLA's SAS practice, which provides integrated solutions to help our clients succeed, I work to provide our clients guidance on managing risk, driving business performance, and achieving business goals. CLA's SAS team members work as multidisciplinary teams focused on turning risk and compliance activities into opportunities to drive sustainable business value. It's my responsibility to help my clients manage change and reach their goals.

I am also a Principal with CLA's CAST practice.  CAST has experienced CPAs and consultants who deliver custom project management, consulting and accounting solutions for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Serving public companies, private businesses and non-profit organizations, CLA CAST deftly fulfills clients' needs, whether they are interim, part-time or project-based. Over the past two years I've assisted our CAST practice by overseeing the assessment and successful implementation of ASC 606 (revenue recognition standard) and ASC 842 (lease standard) to help our clients prepare for two of the most significant accounting standard changes in several decades.

Prior to my current role, I worked with PwC (12 years) in assurance services. I have an extensive background working on audits of multi-national companies applying US accounting standards. I also have a background in providing accounting and financial reporting technical advice to a diverse range of companies applying both US and international accounting standards.

While at PwC I completed a tour in the Accounting Services Group within PwC's National Professional Services Group (National office) specializing in accounting for business combinations, discontinued operations, segment reporting, goodwill, impairment, consolidation (including variable interest entities), joint venture accounting, investments accounted for under the equity method, asset retirement obligations, fair value, and restructuring. 

During my tour I was an active participant in PwC's global network that is focused on interpreting IFRS. I was also a regular contributor to the firm's thought leadership including Global Guide to Business Combinations, Dataline, M&A Snapshot, PwC's Similarities and Differences, Quarter Close, Technical Updates, and various other publications. 

While with PwC I also completed a tour in Amsterdam, Netherlands. During that time, I was responsible for the audit of a European component of a US based and listed Fortune 150 client.

I am a Certified Public Accountant in the state of North Carolina and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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