CLA Supplier Diversity Program

Register for our Supplier Diversity Program so we can create opportunities together.

We’re committed to a diverse supplier base

At CLA our commitment to diversity is reflected in the values we uphold in all aspects of our organization, including in the selection of suppliers with whom we do business. This approach provides us with access to inspired initiatives and new ideas that support our mission to create opportunities — for our clients, our people, and our communities

Our overarching  goal is to be representative of the communities we serve now and in the future by ensuring a diverse, inclusive CLA culture where everyone has opportunity. And through our Supplier Diversity Program, we are committed to doing business with a variety of distinct suppliers to extend our reach to more accurately reflect the population of our people, clients, and communities, broaden our perspective, and meet our business needs. This includes continually increasing the amount of products purchased and services contracted/subcontracted from a wider range of suppliers.

We currently include the following categories in our Supplier Diversity Program (and are open to considering other categories as they arise):Supplier Diversity We invite all potential suppliers who can competitively meet the diversity requirements to contact Carla Spencer about qualifying for the program.

CLA Supplier Diversity Program FAQs

How does a supplier do business with CLA through the Supplier Diversity Program?

To be considered, your company must meet the certification and registration requirements listed in the CLA Supplier Diversity Program. If your company has met the certification requirements, we encourage you to register with CVM Solutions

I have begun the registration process, but I did not receive any confirmation. Is my company in the database?

After you complete your registration, you should receive a confirmation email stating your registration status as either “Incomplete” or “Accepted.” If you did not receive this confirmation, please review and submit your registration again in its entirety or contact CVM Solutions for possible technical issues.

What happens after I register on CVM Solutions?

After you’ve completed your registration, your information will be entered into the CVM Solutions database. If there’s a sourcing opportunity, CLA will access this database to search for suppliers based on keyword and geographical location information.

Please confirm that your profile includes all your company’s capabilities. If your company matches the products or services we are sourcing, you may be contacted to submit additional information. You should renew your registration with CVM every year in order for us to have comprehensive and current information about your company.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about my registration?

Our privacy policy does not apply when you visit the CVM Solutions website . You are solely responsible for your interactions with that website. Because emails sent to and from these sites may not be secure, you should take special care in deciding what information you send.

What are other actions or next steps I can take to be proactive?

You can also email your company information directly to our Supplier Diversity Program leader, Carla Spencer.

Where do I find more information on meeting CLA’s Supplier Diversity Program certification requirements?

Please note that once you are redirected to the Supplier Registration page on the CVM Solutions website, all communication and/or submitted data is owned by CVM Solutions and governed by that company’s privacy policy.