Community Impact

From our CLA Foundation to our commitment to community engagement, our purpose is to impact our communities through education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

Knowing and helping our communities

Engaging with our communities has always been a fundamental part of our CLA culture. We believe investing goes beyond making a monetary donation — it’s about creating a measurable impact in our communities by intentionally engaging with nonprofit organizations, chambers of commerce, associations, and additional connections to contribute our time, talent, and treasures. 

Contributing to the success of our society

While all engagement is important, CLA’s community impact work focuses on education, employment, and entrepreneurship — what we call our “Three Es” — as they are foundational to the success of us as individuals and to our society as a whole.

is critical to the personal and professional success of every human being and is the greatest hope for breaking the generational cycle of poverty.
is essential to both social and economic success as well as providing a sense of fulfillment through productivity, purpose, and financial security.
drives innovation, job opportunities, and productivity, so we need to help our communities become vibrant places for creating, launching, and growing a business.

CLA Foundation

Since its inception in 2015, the CLA Foundation has granted more than $8 million to advance career opportunities in communities across the nation. The CLA Foundation is a private 501(c)(3) organization funded solely by donations from CLA family members, and does not accept grant proposals from outside organizations — all grant nominations originate from CLA family members.

Each year, CLA family members are invited to nominate organizations they believe are not only making a difference in their community, but also share the Foundation’s intent to promote and support diverse individuals and organizations that align with our mission of “connecting diverse networks to create career opportunities through education, employment, and entrepreneurship." We are proud of the opportunities we have been able to create together.

Community engagement 

For us, community engagement means more than just volunteering. With the talent and passion we have within our CLA family, we believe we can use our inherent skills and experience to drive real change. That’s why we work to provide organizations that align with the Three E’s a network of support within CLA that includes working collaboratively to solve problems and learning from each other to strengthen our communities.

Across the country, CLA family members use paid volunteer hours to connect with professional and charitable organizations in a variety of ways. We invest time, talent, and treasures in opportunities to create impact.