Inspiring Performance: A Fresh Look at Accountability

Gone are the days of associating accountability with feelings of frustration or finger wagging. This course can teach you how to connect accountability with words like advantage, impact, and results.
About the course
Learning objectives
Journey through the biggest misconceptions of accountability, a step-by-step formula of inspiring performance, and practical ways to communicate when commitments are broken. Enroll today
  • Module 1: Reframing Your Perspective of Accountability
  • Module 2: The Three Phases of Caring Accountability
  • Module 3: Missing the Mark: How to Discuss Failed Commitments

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course intended for?

Everyone! This course is intended for teams seeking to improve communication, collaboration, and accountability.

How do we take the course?

This course was created for flexibility in delivery. There are video recordings of each module, created for the videos to stand alone with just an in-person facilitator. The facilitator’s responsibility is to pause the video in marked sections when participants are asked to engage with the content, monitor outlined discussions among the groups, and provide any needed support.

If you would prefer to have this course instructed live by someone on your staff in place of the recordings, we have also included the PowerPoint slide deck complete with presenter notes as well as instructor notes for each module. Participant engagement is a crucial element to this course because we believe the most profound learning requires participation.

We recommend this course be delivered in a way that is conducive to the collaborative activities included.

We are intentional about designing learning that is practical and purposeful. Whether you spread these modules out over a week or incorporate the full course in an upcoming staff retreat, we are confident that sharing in this learning can help foster a caring and collaborative work culture within your organization.

Who is the instructor?

Janet Fischer is CLA’s leadership development director and a certified coach. She uses her 20 years of leadership experience to develop team members at CLA as the firm’s lead well leader. She strives to live her life with intention and has a passion to help others grow professionally and personally.

Throughout her career — which also includes 20 years in health care — Janet has held positions of influence and leadership. Janet leverages relational connections to improve both individual and team performance and effectiveness especially in the areas of team building, accountability, process design, and leadership performance.

Can we receive continuing education credit?

Please check with your local licensing agency.

What is the cost?

We priced this course so it can be used broadly. The one-year licensed cost for use of the course by a single company is $500.

Looking to create a more effective team?
Work collaboratively to gain skills that can help you be a more effective team, including how to increase motivation and accountability.