Case Study: Global Retailer Saves $2 Million in Taxes and Gains Efficiency

  • Global expansion
  • 1/20/2023
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Organization: A large global fashion retailer operating in over 60 countries. Need: Manage rapid growth with strategic resources to scale the business. Outcome: Finds millions in tax savings and gains numerous operational efficiencies.

Understanding the situation

A large global fashion retailer operating in over 60 countries was experiencing business strains due to rapid growth. When it was time to switch enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, the United States was chosen as the pilot — but the company’s regional team had no operating experience in that country.

Exploring the challenge

The company turned to CLA to serve across the enterprise and align with global growth targets. CLA developed a playbook for first launching the new ERP in the United States, followed by a rollout to other global regions.

Due to the success of the ERP strategy, the company tapped CLA to support dozens of other initiatives. CLA helped the company improve its efficiency and effectiveness through:

  • Automation of vendor management
  • Telecom invoice review and infrastructure deployment
  • HR compliance
  • Ongoing accounting/finance business operations
  • 401(k) plan management
  • U.S. e-commerce expansion
  • Credit card dispute management
  • Forensic accounting
  • Debt restructuring

“CLA understands our enterprise globally. We see CLA as extended employees and not just consultants.” — CFO, global fashion retailer

Achieving results

CLA worked with the company to find opportunities for automation, improved operations, tax savings, fraud detection, and much more. With continuing support from CLA’s teams around the world, the company has the strategic resources to scale the business for decades to come.

  • First year $2 million in tax savings by changing transfer pricing policy
  • +30% efficiency gains with automation of invoice processing
  • $60,000 – $70,000 saved through better management of credit card disputes
  • $30,000 saved in recurring telecom costs
  • 10+ instances of fraud caught in retail store audits — highlighting opportunities for improved internal controls and risk reduction

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