NCAA Agreed-Upon Procedures

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NCAA Agreed-Upon Procedures

Higher education institutions with intercollegiate athletic programs are required to submit annual reports to the NCAA with financial data that details their operating revenue and expenses related to those programs. In addition to submitting this report, Division I schools must complete agreed-upon procedures (AUPs) annually, while Division II schools must complete them every three years. The AUPs must be performed by a qualified, independent accountant.

In many instances, institutions only have a small group or a single person dedicated to preparing the NCAA report. Often, a member of the school’s athletic department gives it a go, then crosses their fingers and passes it off to the finance department to complete. However, collaboration between the two departments, as well as a strategy that incorporates proven practices and policies, is needed to develop an accurate and compliant report.

How we can help 

CLA’s higher education industry professionals have a comprehensive understanding of AUPs. Our team is able to provide guidance on internal controls, tips to better understand the reporting categories, and overall recommendations on your reporting process. Ultimately, as your independent accountant, our goal is to help your institution avoid risk and remain NCAA-compliant.

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