Enhance Your SQL Server Without Spending More on Hardware or Licenses

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  • April 26, 2023
  • 1 – 2 p.m. CT
  • Location
  • Webinar
  • Speaking

Efficiency, Maintenance, and Backup Strategies: Get More from Your SQL Server Installation

Watch this on-demand webinar discuss how you can get more out of your SQL Server installation without spending a lot of extra money on hardware and licenses.

In this session, we’ll address questions such as:

  • Are you investing in keeping your SQL Server(s) running at top efficiency?
  • Did your vendor install the server and leave it up to you to manage and maintain?
  • Are best-intentioned administrators blindly changing configuration settings because of something they read on the internet?
  • Are users experiencing slowed performance, either continually or intermittently? Do they get kicked out due to deadlocks?
  • Are you comfortable with your database RESTORE strategy? Does your BACKUP strategy support it? Would you be at a loss from a database corruption event from which you cannot recover?

Who should watch: 

This session is designed for IT tech managers and CFOs.

For more information:
Geraldine Matias
Events Associate

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