Audrey Quach


Hi, I am a CPA, an Enrolled Agent and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.  I have been working in public and private accounting since 2007.  I am very familiar with bookkeeping, accounting and tax filings requirements for small businesses and individuals.  

I am a director with Individuals and Trusts as my service line specialization and Health care and Life Science as my industry. Most Certified Divorce Financial Analysts are financial planners who are more specialized in the retirement planning and investment.  My focus in terms of divorce analysis is to bring about the best possible outcome for my clients based on my understanding of tax laws, tax planning and the financial operations for small businesses and small business owners.  I am happy to help with any sort of prenuptial agreement analysis consulting as well.  At CLA, we have exceptional audit, tax and financial planning professionals and boundless human resources to bring a seamless experience to meet your needs. 


Bachelor of Science, Business Administration from University of California, Riverside (2006), magna cum laude

Master of Professional Accountancy from Univeristy of California, Irvine (2016)