Megan Peterson


Megan began her career in compliance as a BSA compliance intern while pursuing her bachelor's degree in business finance with a minor in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. During her internship, she gained exposure to various areas of regulatory compliance, including KYC, CTRs, and CIP. After her internship, she transitioned to a deposit compliance role with a focus on Regulation E. In 2021, Megan joined CLA, where she has expanded her compliance expertise and obtained certifications in BSA and general compliance with ICBA. She is currently working towards her next certification goal of CRCM. At CLA, Megan works on a range of regulatory compliance engagements, including anti-money laundering validations, consumer real estate lending, and community reinvestment act. Megan is also co-chairman of the Young Advisory Counsel at CLA, where she leads initiatives that support the CLA promise and serves as a peer advisor and onboarding specialist, providing guidance, feedback, building relationships, and offering support.