Joey Desiderio


Joey Desiderio is a Senior Search Consultant in the Construction and Agribusiness/Food/Beverage industries. Joey is skilled at driving transformative results through strategic workforce planning, innovative sourcing techniques, and a keen understanding of client organizational needs. With a track record of building high-performance teams, Joey connects clients with exceptional talent that align with the organization’s unique needs.

Joey thrives in fast-paced environments, leveraging extensive industry knowledge and market insights to develop comprehensive talent acquisition strategies that fuel business growth. By proactively identifying emerging talent trends and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Joey consistently attracts top-tier candidates who bring fresh perspectives and drive innovation.

Joey excels at building strong relationships with internal stakeholders, executive teams, and external partners. Joey fosters a collaborative culture that empowers clients and hiring managers to make informed decisions, resulting in seamless and efficient hiring processes.

Joey’s commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond buzzwords, as he actively champions the importance of building diverse teams that foster creativity and drive better business outcomes. By implementing inclusive hiring practices and partnering with diverse talent communities, Joey successfully creates environments where everyone's unique strengths are celebrated.

Passionate about optimizing candidate experiences, Joey helps clients refine recruitment strategies to ensure a seamless journey for prospective talent. Leveraging data-driven insights, Joey helps clients implement solutions that enhance candidate engagement, streamline processes, and reduce time-to-hire.

Joey’s forward-thinking mindset and results-oriented approach brings clients an unwavering commitment to excellence. Joey is dedicated to helping organizations attract, hire, and retain top talent in a dynamic and competitive landscape.


Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from San Diego State University