38th SNF Cost Comparison and Industry Trends Report: One Industry, Thousands of Stories

Analyze data and leverage national and state trends to help navigate economic, operational, and regulatory challenges for skilled nursing facilities.

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Nurturing stability within the SNF sector

  • Labor and workforce

    Proposed minimum staffing requirements and fluctuations in workforce availability and cost require a customized problem-solving approach for each organization and market.
  • Sustainability

    Understanding distinct attributes of your market and focusing on the fundamentals that drive margins can help you identify opportunities and build a strategic path to a financially sustainable future.
  • Economic volatility

    Strategic investments in workforce recruitment and retention, technology adoption and innovation, and building modernization and renovation will remain pivotal for SNFs to thrive financially.
Knowledge to assess factors influencing financial performance
Identify opportunities to help overcome the skilled nursing industry’s complex interplay of variables with CLA’s SNF Cost Comparison and Industry Trends Report.
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