We Stand With You


At CLA, we are actively learning, listening, and reflecting on the racist events within our country.


  • We too are outraged and saddened by the unjust death of George Floyd and many others — senseless acts driven by a long history of racism and division.
  • We believe in equity and protecting the human rights of all people and communities.
  • We support our CLA family, especially our black, indigenous, and family members of color. We believe their voices should be heard and their experiences validated.
  • Though we may not have experienced these pains personally, we strive to make CLA a safe place where we recognize the pain of so many of our CLA family and community members.
  • We will not accept anything other than an inclusive, respectful CLA culture, where everyone has opportunity.

We will move forward by,

  • Elevating CLA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council; Community Engagement Team; and our CLA Foundation’s financial impact to our communities through strategic investments.
  • Hearing every voice — actively engaging in courageous conversations.
  • Educating our CLA family members on inequity, bias, and inclusion to humbly root out all forms of discrimination among us, with the continued support of our CLA Board of Directors.

We acknowledge that we are on this journey and have a long way to go, but we refuse to be silent and stand idle.