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This white paper examines the influences and trends that may impact the future of the retail automotive industry. Use it to help plan for your long-term goals.

Industry trends

A View of the Dealership Industry in the Year 2030

  • Scott Gorden
  • 6/19/2017

Leaders of the CLA dealership team have been working in conjunction with Auto Team America member firms to look at the trends, developments, and key ideas that will shape the retail automotive world in the next decade and beyond. The intention was to examine how fluctuations in our business would give rise to challenges, shifts, and opportunities that dealers should consider to better plan for their long-term goals.

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To give perspective on the accelerating changes taking place in the automotive world, consider that just five years ago Tesla had only sold a few thousand vehicles, Uber had a few hundred drivers in five cities, and autonomous vehicles were more the activity of DARPA than Google.

How these influences, along with other trends, will impact the future of the retail automotive industry remains to be seen. Utilizing survey findings from the dealer body, analysis by industry experts, past research, and interviews, this white paper explores the potential impact on dealerships if every major transformation becomes fully realized, followed by a prediction of likely outcomes by the year 2030.

The industry leaders who participated in the process included dealers with operations of various size and scale, dealership attorneys and bankers, and members of Auto Team America (ATA), a national association of CPAs serving dealers across the country.

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