CLA Talks Griffin Biebl

The Trump administration is young, but CLA professionals are already looking at striking new economic realities. These two videos sum up their views.

Economy and capital markets

Tax and Economic Outlook for Nonprofits and Health Care in the Trump Era

  • 6/8/2017

The 100-day benchmark for President Donald Trump was not formally recognized at CLA’s annual Nonprofit and Health Care Conference. But it did not go unnoticed. Two CLA professionals spoke at the closing session about the economy, growth, tax policy, and the impact of the new administration on the nonprofit and health care sectors. Both of those presentations are featured here as CLA Talks videos.

Making America Great Again Means Growing the Economy

Mark Griffin, managing principal for the institutional investments group within CLA Wealth Advisors, attempts to answer the question, “What does ‘Make America Great Again’ mean?” by discussing gross domestic product (GDP), the federal debt, and the factors that can impact economic growth.

Trump’s Tax Proposals and the Prospect of Meaningful Reform

Andy Biebl, tax principal, presents his observations on evolving national tax policies under the new administration, including proposed cuts for individuals and businesses, new tax brackets, the fate of the estate tax, the elimination of popular deductions, and global tax issues.

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